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Juniors 2023/24

With the wheels of senior cricket beginning to turn and pre-season approaching - we have put together an outline of where Junior Cricket at East Box Hill sits for the coming season. Just as it needs a team performance to get the win on-field, it's even more important we're all doing our bit off-field to get the wins we need.

If you were unsure about what to mention to others about bringing their child and family into our club, here's some information to give you somewhere to start for the coming season:

EBHCC Junior Cricket in Season 2023/24

This season, East Box Hill is looking to offer teams in the following competitions:

  • U18's Friday night: 50 over per side cricket, mix of one-dayers and two day games.

  • Fast 9's Saturday or Sunday: 9 a side cricket played on the centre-wicket with a hard ball

  • Super 7's Saturday or Sunday: 7 a side cricket played on the centre wicket with a softer ball

  • Stage 2 Wednesday Girls Cricket: 9 a side cricket played on the centre-wicket with a hard ball

  • Stage 1 Wednesday Girls Cricket: 7 a side cricket played on the centre wicket with a softer ball

There are still spots available for each of these teams, so we greatly appreciate you welcoming any friends, colleagues, or acquaintances with children interested in giving cricket a go - to join us during the pre-season, come and try sessions, training, or games to join our cricket family.


Woolworths Blast

We will again be running the Woolworths Blast, which has this year been consolidated into one registration. This is suited to children aged 5-7 who are looking to try and learn cricket skills and mini-games. The Woolworths blast is a crucial program for us to give families the chance to get into cricket, and teach some of the basic skills of cricket to progress into our Super 7s and Fast 9's (U10 Cricket). This is one of the most important programs we run, bringing in new families and players to our club community as a great place to start for anyone looking to get their child to try cricket.


Girls Cricket 2023/24

As was the case last year, we are offering girl's cricket teams this season. With a mix of older and younger girls, we plan on working again with Kerriumuir to aim at fielding a Stage 2 team and a Stage 1 team. Stage 2 cricket suits girls with more experience, and involves playing with a hard ball and an extra two players per team (9 a side). Stage 1 cricket is the same format as our girls played last season (7-a-side cicket) and suited to girls just getting started with cricket. Depending on interest, we will also be looking to offer the Girls Master Blaster round-robin after Christmas. This is an introduction to scheduled games played with rules and scoring against other clubs, in more of a festival format - music, food, games all over the oval.


Pre-season Dates and Preferences

With multiple junior teams going into cricket this year, we will be looking to run a range of junior pre-season sessions leading into the season. These will focus on picking back up the game, reinforcing the basics, and for our stage 2 players, introducing them to a hard leather ball. These will double as come-and-try sessions - you are more than welcome to invite interested families down to attend these sessions, please just reach out to Angus or Tagger to let us know.


Join our Off-field Team and Support our next generation of cricketers season!

Our aim is to provide support from senior players and members for our junior teams, the reason this is important is that it creates a connection between our junior parents and senior players and members. Even if you can only commit to a match day or training, your involvement in some way with our junior teams and parents is crucial to improving retention and recruitment into those teams. You may not realize just how valuable your experience is to those parents and kids, and not only that, the famous East Box Hill charm and banter you'll bring will really lift the experience of everyone you're around. Don't be humble, everyone knows East Box Hill is full of some of the most social and enjoyable people in the competition. Bringing that side of our culture to these new families is as important as the cricket.

If you're unsure about coaching, Angus will be offering a coach mentoring program to support anyone who would like to be supported in gaining a coaching accreditation, providing someone for you to ask questions of and be guided throughout the season. All team managers will be provided a season pack, that includes helpful information, club contacts and quick reference sheets for scoring and match day rules/requirements.

If you think you might be able to help out as a match-day helper, team manager, junior committee volunteer or coach - we would love to hear from you and get you underway.


Can we bring down a friend? Anytime!

At any time during the pre-season or season, you are more than welcome to invite down another family to give junior cricket a go, meet other parents and players and see what it's all about. The more the merrier! Whether it's a weekend pre-season session, a weekday training session or even to pop down on game day - they're welcome any time.


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