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East Box Hill is currently playing junior cricket on Wednesday Nights (girls), Friday Nights (Woolworths Cricket Blast, U12-18) and Saturday morning (Super 7s and Fast 9s)

We are looking to field teams in:





Fast 9's

Super 7's

Girls Stage 1

Girls Stage 2

We are also taking registrations for the entry level programs (Auskick equivalent). Click on the title below for more information.

Woolworths Cricket Blast


For anyone not familiar with the way that Junior Cricket progresses, you can follow the diagram below which explains where we start (Junior Blast) and how your child progresses through the game, and how the games that they play changes with them.

EBHCC Junior Structure

Our home ground is at Howard Wilson Oval (Whitehorse Reserve) where we play within the Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association and also Eastern Cricket Association.

East Box Hill has always run a junior program focused largely on quality over quantity. We place special emphasis on trying to give the junior players in our program the time they need to get the most out of their cricket - both through improvement for performance and enjoyment while they are with us.

Our Junior program is structured to ensure each session delivers a focus on the key skill outcomes in line with Cricket Australia's junior formats skill scorecards.

Examples of these can be found below:

Junior Format One

Junior Format Two

Junior Format Three

This ensures that while our players are developing we are focusing on the right skills, at the right time. It also allows our players to keep track of their own development over their time with us - when appropriate. We place special emphasis on self-driven learning within our players, preferring to guide them and question them on aspects of their game to discover their own answers. Our training includes match simulation, skill based sessions and net sessions to ensure a wide variety of opportunities to learn and engage.

Outside of the in-season program, we also offer the opportunity for our players to receive small group training during the pre-season with specialist coaches - giving them some jump starter points to take into their pre-season. 

While we place special emphasis on the quality of our coaching and a development focus, we welcome players of all interests - catering to those who just want to come and play with their friends or enjoy a muck around on the ground! Ultimately it's their season and their game, so we just want them to enjoy it in whatever way that means to them.

Those players that join East Box Hill can expect that we focus on the values of our players and how we play the game. Sportsmanship is above all else, with values of Fun, Encouragement, Respect and Teamwork part of our base for each team. We want our junior players to not only develop within their cricket, but develop as they mature and age into well balanced young men and women.  

Should you be interested in knowing more or discussing your child playing cricket at East Box Hill, feel free to contact our Junior Coordinator Paul Byrne via the details below.


Phone: 0414 467 694


Woolworths Cricket Blast captures the colour and excitement of the Men's and Women's Big Bash League in a fun and fast format.

Your kids will make new friends, learn new skills, and experience the thrill of being part of a team. 

60-90 mins

8-10 year olds

Designed for those kids who have completed Cricket Australia’s Entry Level Programs and are ready for their first taste of junior club competition.

60-120 mins


9-11 year olds

A format that looks to further develop the cricket skills of kids that are playing their 2nd or 3rd year of junior cricket.

120-180 mins

There are more girls playing cricket than ever before. 

Every girl gets an opportunity to bat and bowl.

A big smile and enthusiasm is all that is required!

120-180 mins

Junior Girls (EBHCC & KUCC)
EBHCC logo

9-12 year olds

Regular 50 over game. Shorter pitch.

One day and two day matches

Bowlers 3/6 overs, Batsmen 15/30 balls.

180 mins

12-14 year olds

Regular 50 over game.

One day and two day matches

Bowlers 5/9 overs, Batsmen 30/60 balls.

180 mins

EBHCC logo
EBHCC logo

14-16 year olds

Regular 50 over game. 

One day and two day matches

Bowlers 6/10 overs, Batsmen 50/100 runs.

180 mins

16-18 year olds

Regular 50 over game. 

One day and two day matches

Bowlers 6/12 overs, Batsmen 50/100 runs.

180 mins

Under 18s Premiers 2022/23
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